BFL-Blemished Face Lotion

  • Product description

The research team of biochemists at Royal Care Cosmetic laboratories have succeeded producing after numerous analysis and tests, a new compound of unique qualities to be used as facial cleansing product, meant for the public of professional estheticians and their clients.

The Product’s Goals:
1) Eliminate skin blemishes.
2) Lessening the duration of time and treatment necessary for the fading of skin spots and their disappearance.

  • Details

B.F.L. cleansing lotion is to be used on facial skin surfaces that exhibit blemishes such as, black heads, pimples, wrinkles, scars, enlarged pores, melanin spots, dandruff, and it is suitable for either, normal, oily and/or dry skin types.

Regular and continuous use of B.F.L cleanser stimulates and speeds up the process of the outer epithelial skin surfaces, resulting in glowing, supple and youthful look.
Thus the duration necessary for clearing the skin using Royal Care Bleaching Cream and Royal Care Anti Dark Circles Eye Contour Cream, used for eliminating blemishes, such as spots, scars, tired eyes aspect, etc., is shortened, and the facial complexion shows major improvements sooner.

  • Use

Cleanse with B.F.L. twice daily, morning and at bed time. Use a soft sponge on which one pump pressing action will provide the exact amount of cleanser necessary for use. Gently cleanse face with this sponge, applying the cleanser on all blemishes, particularly those treated with Bleaching Cream, with gentle strokes, until full absorption.

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