Bio Peeling

  • Product description

The newest cosmetic product that merges the alternative medicine approach to cosmetic science, based on blends of natural substances obtained from homeopathic plants together with modern chemistry and technologies.
When applied, this product which was developed by the team of biochemical engineers of Royal Care Laboratories, has a dual action effect:
A. Reconstruction and repair of damaged epithelium, by means of AHA + Liposome’s in the formula.
B. Inert granules covered with Beta-Carotene that provide gentle abrasive effect that remove dead/damaged cells of outer layer of the epithelium, which are then dissolved by the AHA.

  • Details

The Bio Peeling Cream dissolves and removes dead and damaged cells in the upper epidermis. At the same time the cream nourishes and reveals the new outer epidermal cells that will give a fresh and glowing look.

  • use

Spread a thin layer over clean face 2-3 times a week. Massage gently into the skin until full absorption. The orange microcapsules will soon become transparent. Cream residues can be washed-off with a wet sponge.

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