Eye Contour cream-Anti Dark Circles

  • Product description

Wonderful Eye Cream complex, with a gel-cream light texture. Latest new Anti-Aging product that fights the aging signs and black circles around the eyes.
Contains special liposomes to deliver the active ingredients to the target areas.

  • Details

The special formula of Liposome’s Eye Contour cream, the ultimate product to be used on all facial surfaces, particularly around the eyes, contains new generation multi-stratae spheres of liposome’s, obtained from plants, rich in phospholipids.
These liposome’s are stabilized by an enveloping layer of Collagen and polisacharides.
The liposome’s reach deep into the lower layers of the epidermis and deliver there the cream’s active ingredients, such as multi-vitamins, proteins, bio-complex collagen, and various concentrates of plant extracts.
By the multi-level action of the liposome’s, nourishment and care are delivered to the skin area where they are most needed, close to blood capillaries where new skin-cells are generated.

  • use

Spread a generous amount twice a day over desired area, mainly around the eyes. The cream special texture will create immediate freshness and soon the “dark circles” around the eyes will disappear.

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