Face Lifting Mask- BEAUTE VISAGE

  • Product description

A face lifting and firming mask. A perfect care boost for your skin.
Formulated with concentrated Coenzyme Q-10 and Multi-Peptides, Suitable for All Skin Types.
Particularly for wrinkled and loose skin.
The mask contributes to skin elasticity and relaxes over-tensed muscles.
The mask acts by preventing muscle contractions in the facial areas it’s applied to.
In this way it removes and smoothes out wrinkles in facial expression areas: The forehead, the lines around the outer eyes (crow’s feet), the lines around the nose, and around the lips and chin.
A consistent two-month treatment will create firming sensation and wrinkles disappearance. The skin condition will improve and become nurtured, radiant, silky and smooth.

  • Details

The active ingredient used in the cream is Argireline. Its resulting effect is similar to that of the Botox injection, which it replaces. These results are achieved without injections by cream application alone.
The Argireline (scientific name: Acetyl Hex peptide) is composed of short molecules of 6 amino acids, promoting easy absorption. This ingredient acts by blocking acetyl-choline release in the synapses – the junctions between the nerves and the muscles.
These active ingredients create a significant delay in the aging process of the skin (Anti-Aging). The bio-peptides accelerate collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin and reduce wrinkles formation.
In addition, coenzyme Q-10 neutralizes free radicals.

  • use

This cream has a residual effect, after constant use of 2 applications a day, for a period of 60 days, the spotting will disappear.

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