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Indeed, skin spots may return. Our body naturally produces melanin which is secreted into the skin.
Melanin is a brown pigment, and when it is secreted unevenly concentrated over a single area- a spot occurs. Therefore it is advisable not to stop the treatment totally but to gradually lower the amounts of cream applications. at the beginning the frequency should be twice a day over a clean skin, afterwards 3 times a week and finally – when the skin spot is bleached already- once a week only. This is in order to maintain the results and prevent the spot reoccurrence.

The re-appearance of skin spots is a natural physiological process that happens in our bodies. When using the cream the process is slowed down, and hence there is a gradual visible bleaching effect. Moreover, while the cream is being used, the re-formation of those spots is almost totally prevented. This is due to the unique active ingredients and special creamy texture.

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After total disappearance of the skin spot it is advisable to continue the cream application in order to maintain the bleaching results. However, the application frequency is significantly decreasing: Instead of twice a day at the beginning, Apply 3 times a week then gradually lower the frequency to twice a week applications and even only once a week. This is always in accordance to the bleaching effect. Remember, in order to maintain the bleaching results, it is important not to completely stop!

It is important to let the Bleaching cream be absorbed into the skin in order to create the whitening effect on the target area. Hence Hydrating Cream SPF40 should be applied only after 30 minutes. This is also true for any other cream, Make Up or foundation that needs to be applied. The special active ingredients in the Bleaching cream do work- let them do it sufficiently!

The Hydrating cream SPF40 not only provides protection against both UVA and UVB, but also creates the right hydration your skin needs. It is hypoallergenic and has been designed for all skin types and also for problematic oily skin. It is highly recommended to use the Hydrating cream SPF40 while going through a Whitening process using the Bleaching cream and BFL. The Hydrating cream SPF40 doesn’t leave those “white spots” other creams do, and it has a fantastic long lasting aroma… The SPF40 is easily absorbed and has long been a best-seller. Those who use it once, become returning clients and frequently addicted to it!  

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