Neck and Décolletage Cream

  • Product description

A special night cream designed mainly for dry skin. Should be applied over the neck and décolletage, but suitable also for facial skin. Contains a biotechnology synthesized placenta extract, silicon and aloe Vera that positively affect skin elasticity and nourishment.

  • use

Spread a generous amount twice a day and massage gently. Concentrate mainly on neck area and over the décolletage.

  • Details

In the shortest duration of time this marvelous product lightens and brings about the disappearance of various skin spots, caused by the process of ageing, pregnancy, medication, childbirth, acne, freckles, sun-spotting, herpes and various pigmentations.
The time necessary for visible changes and spots fading, is approximately eight hours after the first application. Secondary application of this cream, after the initial eight hours will prevent reappearance of the spots.

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