Bleaching Cream

  • Product description

This revolutionary product, Royal Care Bleaching cream, produces instant fading results, after applying only the lightest amount as a thin layer of this cream, to any spot.

  • Details

In the shortest duration of time this marvelous product lightens and brings about the disappearance of various skin spots, caused by the process of ageing, pregnancy, medication, childbirth, acne, freckles, sun-spotting, herpes and various pigmentations.
The time necessary for visible changes and spots fading, is approximately eight hours after the first application. Secondary application of this cream, after the initial eight hours will prevent reappearance of the spots.

  • use
Spread generously, twice a day, morning and evening over the desired area.
make sure your skin is dry before spreading.
massage gently by circular movements until absorption. 

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